Who’s going to try the new Phylos Strains?

Cheddar cheeze is next up for me. @Dirtydabber do you have a journal of your grow?

I do not thus time around. But I will have random pictures here and there. My grows are boring. I grow organic and build my own soil. So until flower all i do is water! But I gave a couple of pictures. They are 3 weeks from germination.

First 2 are pineapple donut second is cheddar cheese.


I’m giving them a try. Cracked a Berry Burst a bit ago and just put it on the table today. Ordered some Pineapple Doughnut as well, but may be a grow or two down the road before I drop any of those. Guess we shall see in a few months.

So far 38 days into veg an loving the structure as it grows. Spreading nicely on its own. Super huge fan leaves.

So question for anyone willing to answer. How long are you guys vegging out before you flip?

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I run mine roughly two months

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I did buy tge elite seeds. I am noticing one thing from the start. I never really get odors from my plants in veg, but both elites are smelling like dank bushes.

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Did a little LST on them yesterday as the Pineapple Donut was stretching way to much and the cheddar cheese is a stout so I rounded them both, pulled the branches down on the Pineapple to match, at least for now. According to the description the PD will stretch a lot more during flower.

Pineapple donut left and Cheddar cheese right this time.