White widow

How do I make my buds realllll thick my first grow look good but came out reallllll light I did soil…I’m gunna try to do hydro dwc. I have 2.5 gallon bucket only doin one plant…when I feed it do I feed the begining of the week and then change the water after a week what should my ppm be throughout the grow if you could post that on here

There are many different schedules you can run as personal choice.

I advise that you download and read up on this topic in our Free Grow Bible.

We will be glad to help if you need any further clarification. :slight_smile: Peace

Ok thx doesn’t matter now my seeds got seized and didn’t keep the letter to give the rep. A copy so I’m fu*k till I order more

That i9s a shame. What company did you buy your seeds from?

This website