White Widow Sessions - Second attempt

Hi guys!

Kontaktytan is back and starting up his second attempt at growing.
I’m going to try applying what I learnt from the first one.
This time I’m growing 4 plants, feeling confident the yield will be increased.
I have also teamed up with a friend (lets call him Buddy) and we will be in charge of two plants each.
My goal is just seeing the whole process thru, plain vanilla.
Buddy is a bit more adventures and are talking about topping and trimming.

The lightning has been upgraded to a Mars Hydro TS 600 LED from a 50W generic LED.
2 IP cameras has been installed to take photos for a time lapse project I’m trying out.
Measurements of soil moisture, EC, LUX and temperature will be recorded by a Mi Flora Sensor I’m using for the first time.
We appreciate any tips or comments you can give or have.

Germination will start soon.

Stay tuned…

Best Regards,
Kontaktytan and Buddy


  • Mammoth PRO 60 60x60cm (24x24")
  • Mars Hydro TS 600 LED
  • Intake fan TT100
  • Outtake fan VKO100
  • Carbon filterHY-Filter, 250m3/h (8750ft3/h)
  • 2 IP Cameras - Timelapse photos
  • Mi Flora Sensor - Soil moisture, EC, LUX & temperature


  • 4 Royal Queen Seeds - White Widow feminized
  • 4 Pots - 20x20x25cm (7.9x7.9x9.8in), 6.5L (1.7gl)
  • Golden Label Special Mix - Soil
  • Golden Label small nutrient kit - Soil



Good luck ,I’ll be following🥴

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Germination started today at 18:00 :grinning:

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Buddy sent me a picture of the seeds today, 24h after we put them in water. According to Buddy they are starting to open, but its hard to see it in the picture.

Please feel free to comment, all feedback is appreciated…

Today it was finally time to plant the seeds in peat pellets.

I wanted to know what the temperature and humidity would be after I put the lid on, so I waited a couple of hours until the values had stabilized. The values I got were about 24 ℃ (75 ℉) and 70% humidity.

  • What do you think, is the temperature too high?

  • Should I try to raise the humidity a little more?

Please send me your thoughts about this or any other comments or suggestions you might have.


Everything sound and looks good ,good luck

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Thanks for the encouragement :grinning:

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Hi everybody, I hope you had a nice weekend.

I have been away over the weekend and on my way home I made a stop at Buddys to check how the little ones were doing.

The temperature was a bit lower 22.7℃ (73℉) and the humidity had risen to 91% since friday.
Should I feel happy about these numbers?

When using peat pellets how do you know when to water them?
Whats the best way to water them, I was thinking of spraying them?

Always thankfull for your comments…


The first seed to pop up :smiley:

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Today Buddy sent me an update.
One seed popped yesterday and seems to be doing fine :grinning:.

Two seeds are almost showing themselves and the last one is still to be seen, hopefully tomorrow.

Buddy & Kontaktytan