White Widow outdoor grow

We actually have been posting in another thread but I don’t know how to move it here so I’m starting over.

We got our seeds on 4/21 and started germination that day. Planted them in dirt on 4/23 and all three broke ground 4/24.

We are growing outdoors. They are from feminized WW seed we got here. Supersoil has been cooking for 20 days now. We are going to use 20gal pots filled 1/3 with Supersoil and topped off with a milder organic soil. We plan to layer in the Myca top to bottom.
BTW… This is our first grow…
Question? We are planning to transplant next week to their final home, should I be worried cuz I kinda am?

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Looking good, yes you should be worried if you aren’t then there’s a problem. I have had the first time parent syndrome with my grow. Good luck

Thanks Scorp… Ha. Nuttin would break our hearts more than having to start over right now… err maybe starting over in August might be worse but dammit they must live. :grinning:

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