White widow max auto

Hi my White widow Max auto started flowering just short of 4 weeks ago (10th June) and some of the white hairs are turning brown already. Is this normal?


Yes its normal I’m in week 4 also and I’m getting the same

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Thanks. Lovely crop. Fantastic. This is my first grow so I see I have a lot to improve on

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Be patient keep growing and reading all you can I’m back to growing 1 year in after taking 10 years off a lot has changed . But I’m getting better every grow

@Fafa p that is completely normal. It happens because the top gets more light and usually finishes faster than the middle and bottom section of the plant.

I normally harvest the tops and wait a week or 2 and harvest the bottom

Thanks guys. Very helpful. Do you think my plant will finish well?

Looking good

My plants are 7 weeks into flowering and the buds don’t seem to be getting thicker. They look very open. Lots of tricomes but all clear coloured