White Widow feminized at harvest

I’m only at approximately 7 weeks into flower but due to my idiocy I have gone as far as I can on this plant. The trichomes are all milky with 1/3 amber so down she came. But without a flush simply because of concerns over returning bud rot.


Looks like nice bud!

I didn’t flush, I just watered with plain water for a couple weeks before harvest.

Nice job! :+1:

:rage: How much have you lost?

that’s pretty damn pretty! be proud you got that far… lots of people are asking why their sprouts, seeds and even 1inch tall plants are dying. You get that far, you learnt a tone and got a nice sexy bud to prove it :slight_smile: GJ - WP - GL on the next one


It’s hard to say, but my yield will be around 5 ounces of manicured bud. I would have gotten a couple of ounces more if I had introduced some nitrogen when the plants were telling me to.

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nice looking buds! I am in my week of plain water only before harvest on some K2 meself!

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`Loooking great!

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