White widow fem. stalk split. Seeds were ordered probably over 2 years ago. It appears that they still had it in them. Thanks P.S. Usually by day 3 after stalk splitting ritual the fliwers will getting really wet with female juices

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Looks great buddy can’t wait to see in true lights I bet there Frostie as can bee

Is there a question… lol :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I’m confused. I went over the title a few times and can’t figure out what’s going on…

He’s just showing off, because they look great. He started with seeds that are two years old, but that is not unusual for seeds to be potent for that long. He likes to split the base stalk before harvest to stress the plant and make more THC. You can look up “stalk splitting” if you are interested.

Nice one :point_up: as old mate said let’s see em in real light