White widow autoflower harvest trichome help trichome experts

Not sure if i should cut these down yet, what do you guys think

You still have some time. Still a good amount of white pistils and the trichomes look to be clear for the most part from what I could see


Yea thats what i thought is it bad if i started flushing already for a week

Maybe a little early but it’s all a learning process, you’re doing good so far :v::bear:


What do you recommend doing from here since started flushing already will i come out with bad bud or what since you said i started the flush early

Do you have any Epsom salts and molasses? You could ripen using about a teaspoon of each to provide some sulfur and keep your microbes active. You’re not in DWC, right? If you are, don’t use molasses

FFOF soil not flushing anymore might chop down next week if they are ready reason i flushed because thought they looked cloudy/milky

You still have at least a week or two to go still. You can do whatever you’d like tho, they’re your plants :wink::v::bear:


Is it going to hurt anything since i started flushing already only flushed twice a week leaves are turning yellow now

Might lose out on some weight

But bud should still be smooth and good high

The leaves turning yellow at this point is normal but as @MattyBear pointed out you may have sacrificed a lil weight by flushing too early but you will still have good bud if you dry a cure properly


You’re gonna definitely want to seek out some good advice on the dry and cure process. You don’t want your pretty buds smelling and tasting like hay. Happens all the time. Spend months working your but off worrying over everything. Buying all the best supplements and equipment you can afford. Reading everything available and asking everyone you can about every little thing. Blam💥 you get to the end of grow and mess up on the dry and/or cure. Now you wasted months of time and stacks of dollars on a oz of moldy or hay smelling bud. You don’t wanna be that guy. Good luck and happy growing


Yea my first grow smelled like hay maybe i rushed the cure, this time hanging in closet with little fan blowing going to try and have temps 68-70 with 50 percent humidity and let them go slowly this time, what does the hay smell come from not letting it cure all the way?

It comes from chlorophyll not being broken down all the way. Could have been from drying too much/not enough, harvesting too early, not cured for long enough. It felt to me that the drying/curing process required the most experience out of the entire grow. It’s kind of the make or break part of the grow.

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I totally agree. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can ruin all your hard work. I’m sure everyone has had a harvest or two smell like hay. Cutting too early is an easy mistake also. I’m gonna try to wait until the massive increase in size that happens at the end before I start focusing on the trichromes. It’s so easy to see several cloudy and amber ones and convince yourself there’s no way that they could get bigger. A friend I use to grow with always said wait to you can’t wait anymore and then wait another week or two. It’s a lot easier if you have plenty of smoke on hand lol. God only knows how much top shelf smoke I’ve missed out on from cutting them down early. Waiting shouldn’t be a problem now with so much decent smoke available. Back in the day there was mainly just Mexican brick pack dirt weed. The sugar leaves from the harvest were so much better in taste and buzz than that old nasty stuff but I digress. Happy growing to all


Yes i believe i cut down to early last time i was not checking trichomes just went off by how plant was looking now i have a loupe and been checking trichomes, i learned alot of mistakes i made from my first grow this is my second grow now so we will see going to wait like a week or two more

How did everything turn out? I started a wwa and have another month or so before I chop her down and I can’t wait! Let me know how yours turned out

Turned out good have these going right now will be done in a month, how long you letting them go before you chop

Mine are doing okay. The heat is killing my wallet. My light bill went over $350 this past month and will be more next month. I have 3 wwa under a 1000w hps with a LightRail light mover.

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