White widow autoflower about to harvest

,I have 2 white widow autoflower. They are about 1. Week from harvest. There is no smell to my plants. That can’t be good?!?!? Any suggestions or information please and thank you!! . ,

Drop humidty.
Allow for 48hr darkness prior to chop and cut the main stock off within 2min of opening the tent faster the better.

Ensure a good dry at 50% humidity and room temp or cooler if possible. Ensure a good cure. Terps should follow 3 weeks+ after humidity in your cure jars stabilize (burp when over 62% and drop in humidity pack when stable at 59-62% RH)


How do I keep the humidity just right in the tent? It ideally stays between the numbers but I still don’t know how to raise or lower humidity! Thank you!!

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Lower humidity with a dehumidifier , you can raise it as simple as spraying the walls of the tent with a spray bottle.


I use either a humidifier to raise the humidity or hand a wet towel in the grow area with a fan blowing on it. I prefer using the humidifier because I sense and control relative humidity by automatically switching the humidifier and dehumidifier. I don’t have a humidifier and dehumidifier for all of my grow areas, thus the towel method.

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I agree I do use a humidifier , I was pointing out it can be done without one it just take time to get the hang of it. I do know I learned that if you struggle to keep it where you want it to think bigger. I struggled controling the conditions in the tent until I moved outside and got the whole room conditions inline then it was like autopilot. If you just get tired of dealing with it get a environmental control unit

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Just got mine yesterday , going to install this weekend.


Yes a controller is ideal.

This allows your fan to only kick on when temperatures get to high, when the fans not on humidity can build.
Fabric pots raise humidity in a tent as do larger plants and humidifiers (keep in mind humidifiers will plug your carbon filter if using a sprsy/mist one over time that’s why most don’t run a filter in veg)

Ensure your venting your exhaust air outside of the same building your growing in, this helps control Temps, humidity, and most importantly gets rid of oxygen rich air (do your part to help combat a build up of co2 in our climate! Lol)

Reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier, if you have to you can switch to plastic pots as well (ensure good drainage on bottom of pot).


473 out of 500. @Nicky

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So this is my first grow. I germinated them in glass of water until tail popped out. Then used the jiffy things with the lid. Then I transplanted. Can I just put them directly in the pot that will be their forever home??

Yes you can.

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So I ordered the fertilizer kit for 5 plants… how do i do that? I’m going to get plain putting soil. Do I mix it with water and add to the potting soil??