White Widow Auto at 8 weeks

Here are my gals at 8 weeks, in bloom now. No new yellow spots. They look okay? It looks like there’s a lot of detrius on the soil, but it’s cleared out from around under the plants. Trick of the camera makes it look messy.


Look really healthy!

mine were triple that size that old. check out mine. hornheads first wwa grow

@HornHead Yeah, dunno what the deal is. They didn’t grow very big before beginning to flower. They are strong and healthy. Just a lot smaller than I expected. I didn’t manipulate them at all. Just let 'em grow.
Any thoughts on why they’re so little?

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Not sure. Genetics I guess. Plus I topped mine and lst the crap out of them

Ah, well that explains it. I didn’t top mine or anything else

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They look good and healthy! What did you feed them?

I fed them Flower Power

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