White widow auto 6 seeds planted on 4/20

A picture in regular light would really help. I grew all WWA last year, outdoors, but I was very pleased with my grow. From 8 plants I get a total of about 25-28oz bud and trim. I have a journal, didn’t know if ir will help with indoor growing. My experience last year was preflower at around 30 days, 15 days preflower to full bloom, 45 days to pack on weight and trichromes. Average 90 days, most mine went 110ish days sprout to harvest.

Congrats on the grow, I have enjoyed my grow and so have a few others, one being a previous grower for a dispensory in Washington, she gave me her blessinga on my WWA. They are a hearty breed, and the ladies love to be tortured-

my Elvira, the runt from last grow.


What day are you in mine all started around day 30. The way it looks is that it is begining to set itself up to bud

Navy vet i got an oth in the navy for smoking weed . It was before my 4th year in

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Day 41ish since seeds cracked on 4/20. I didn’t put them in my bubbler for a couple of days. I’ve been smelling the sweetness for a week and a half now so 30 days sounds inline with yours.

The navy frowns on dirty piss tests. Does that oth cause you any problems? At least you they didn’t give you a big chicken dinner.

It does not really cause problems turned into a blessing. I have a wonderful job i love. Yeah i got my seeds in the mail on 4/20 my 1 popped the next day others a days layer . I dont know i have heard people say theres did not start flower until 6 weeks it depends. If it were me i would give it like 6 hours of dark a day. And give it bloom nutes.


I’m running Lucas Formula. It’s the same nutrients throughout the grow. I’m gonna supplement with koolbloom though. My bubblers are due to be changed out in a few days so I’ll start the koolbloom then. I was hoping to see buds by now but maybe in a day or so.
I had an oth also but the navy upgraded it to a General honorable conditions for piss tests too. I got out and graduated college after they kicked me out and mine was a blessing too because I wouldn’t have found work when I got home otherwise.

I just meant a flower nutrient with more p and k then n

Check out koolbloom. The powder is for the last couple of weeks of flowering and the liquid is for the beginning. I just ordered both from amazon for like $35 but I got the smallest size of both.

I ise earth juice which plants love. Use a pk booster called flower fuel had really high reviews on amazon. The flower fuel burnt my tips the jury is still out on it

I’ve been starting 1/2 strength on nutrients because someone told me autos don’t tolerate full strength as well


I’m doing my first ever grow of WWAs. Never even saw a plant inperson before. I ordered Bergmann’s fertilizer kit with the seeds. They are eating 1 tsp 4 times a week now. They pushed above soil 4/1, and here they are now, they smell like juicy fruit gum! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Tgey look healthy what kind of light are you using they grew kind of long and spindly they look good though

Every Wwa that I’ve seen looks different. Not one of mine even looks close to its sisters. I went with the cheapest ilgm had because I had never bought from them and figured they could be selling bag seeds. They aren’t bag seeds but there’s no consistency. They all look good but hell you won’t ever grow one that looks anything like the one you seen that made you want to grow Wwa. Just saying

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All mine were consistent, very happy with my grow. I grow outside, do inside grows produce different results?


Nice looking ladies. I’m just not seeing consistency with them. Yours all look related to each other. However mine don’t even look like distant cousins.


Mine all look relatively the same

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Yeah mine look relatively the same same leaned more towards sativa

I guess it’s just mine then. :face_with_monocle:


@Stonedagain2 … and mine too. :upside_down_face: