White Widow autflower dying at 24 days

From a fellow grower: three plants just as they reached 24 days old died they lost all their leaves slowly then wilted. i am using coast of maine Stonington blend soil bottom 3/4 and top 1/4 bush doctor coco loco i only water when needed every 2-3 days if needed my soil ph stays between 6.2 and 6.5 i use all organic dry amendments’ from coast of maine the stonnington plant food and the buds and blooms fishbone meal as I am not the biggest fan of synthetic nutrients the way the 3 that died i flushed with ph water and flushed them and fed plain h20 for a few days



Good morning :smiley: it’s hard to tell anything from your pictures. That one cola looks good. Do you have closer pictures of your plants? :blush::v:


Yeah, I have more questions too.
Perhaps the grower can join the forum and tell us some more. We would love to help adjust this grow and get a successful harvest.
The pic of the bud, while a bit blurry, looks to be much older than 24 days even if we are talking 24 days in flower. Perhaps we are being asked about the seedling in the bottom of pic #1.
Whatever the case I know we can help.


I agree, bottom pic of bud looks like it’s not far from being ready to harvest. Others hard to tell due to clarity and distance to plants, but can’t make out anything alarming. Couple of those pots look dry on top.