White powdery moldy on sour diesel

Ok I know you can’t see from here but I’m getting hit with some white powdery mold. The first time it happen I got rid of it with milk and water. I tried again and little. It here and there keep showing up I tried today cutting all leaves off that had it the. Used baking soda water and soap. And tomorrow I’ll hit it up with 1:3 ratio of milk water. This is my first grow and I’m sooooooo close to the end. Any help I would appreciate it!!!


Peroxide/water, 50/50. Kills the mold and helps prevent spread.

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Thank you!!! I’ll try that instead of the milk mix tomorrow. I just don’t wanna harm the buds. I’m only like a week or two away from harvest!!

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Being outside, you’ll want to do a bud wash. Check out Jorge Cervantes Bud Wash on youtube.


Ok will do thanks again!!

I used Dr Earth’s fungicide, as well as removing leaves that were infected. By no means is this the best way but it worked for me. And what borderryan22 said definitely do a bud wash that Also seemed to work for me

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Sour diesel needs prime conditions and under 45 rh or your likely to get wpm. Try next time to find some easier strains to run that are more resistant. If you read the description under sour diesel it tells you that info. I think u got more then two weeks left. Good luck brother, thats the thing outdoors you just never know what the conditions could be. Rain for a week straight annd its game over with sour diesel