White pisralls turning inward late flower

Should white pistils turn in like the brown ones mine are

Not exactly sure what the question means.
All pistils are white when they start. As the plant matures it slows down and sometimes completely stops producing new pistils. When they get old enough they will dry up, turn brown and curl back inwards.
When 90-95% of the pistils are brown you can start checking the resin glands…trichomes…and if they are all cloudy with a little bit of amber then you are ripe.
Hope this helps.

If they are curling inwards before they turn brown you might have a heat or too much light problem.


@Spiney_norman Do you, personally, always wait to check tri’s after 90-95% of pistils have browned? I have read that yes you might have reached peek yield and cola growth, but you have passed your resin cannabinoid peek potential. And have started to degrade into CBN. My feelings on this are that no one, not one person truly knows resin potency unless they have tested %ages. Send to lab or buy a home lab test kit is the only way to go. They have some really cool ones now if you have a grand to spend. I say play with your chop times. 7 weeks scope chop, 8 weeks scope chop, 9 weeks cope chop, 10 weeks scope chop. Then lets talk.

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Yes……it’s normal…

She’s getting old….


Unless there is foxtailing then yes, I wait for the pistils to turn.
CBN is fine with me. I am looking for a product that puts the wife to sleep.
And I am such a lightweight cannabis wise that one puff of a flower the size of a BB and I am done.
Chasing THC is not something I am really trying to do.


Thats a good question, but cannabis cultivation is as much an art as it is a science. Is there really a need to check the trichomes at all? Id say that depends on what the purpose of the cannabis is. Lets give an example, many cultures have been growing cannabis for hundreds if not thousands of years. Throughout many crops and practices the growers learned the optimum time to harvest for their needs, often it wasn’t ideal because of climate etc, not unlike food farmers. However, hash makers usually would harvest long after bud makers would because the greatest trichomes were collected and the quality was secondary to the quantity. Keep in mind, they were manufacturing for a global and local market that was not picky about superior quality, or trichome color. Hash is notoriously sleepy regardless of the age of the trichomes.
Now we have Joe that grows sativas for people that like happy upbeat highs and really tight nugs, they dont know why the weed makes them giggly or active, but they like that experience, the trichomes are technically immature by hashishen standards but perfectly exceptable for giggly bud. And then there are those that like the taste of sativas but want a more sedative stone from it, they wait 2 weeks longer or so from giggly bud man.
In truth, the cannabinoids that plant A has may make an even larger difference in the stone than the trichome age or maturity.
I typically only check trichomes out of curiosity because I know from experience when a bud is mature simply by looking at the entire plant and seeing how far along it is, and by the bud formation and stigma production. I also have an intended plan for the plant material, the majority will be made into topical creams and edibles, and some of the mid grade into hashish, while a select few colas will be for joint/bong smokers. Because of these needs the harvesting may be done in different sessions.


Understood, thank you sir.

A few years ago I quit smoking for 8 weeks. Once I got past the test I took just one hit and it absolutely smoked me.

I’ve really taken a liking to cured resin vapes. I have enough of them to last me a year until I can get back to a dispensary for more carts. I won’t be smoking much flower any more. I’ll just give the flower I grow to family and friends.

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I have been wanting to get one to try out.
The closest dispensary to me has some good prices so I may pull that trigger soon.

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Where exactly do you check trichomes need a picture