White net pots instead of black

Since I see lots about bucket temperature getting too high, would a reflective surface help…instead of heat absorbing black? At least while plants are small?

Sorry ; don’t really understand question - color of “pot” has nothing to do with heat absorbation or reflectability. consider thinking about grow room temps - that has direct effect on soil temp’s

The light blocking top part of the net pot (my bad), the cover part…if that was white, not the root holding part.

Nothing to worry about !

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Color does make a difference on reservoir temps. Black absorbs light energy and holds it cauisng it to heat up where as white reflects and doesn’t heat as much.
The reason why you want to use black is the fact that it doesn’t allow light into the water itself where white can. This is done to prevent bacteria from growing inside the bucket. Same reason why it is suggested to use a blue or black tubing when running from the res to your drippers or even for your air pump lines. Moisture can get in the air lines and there is the chance that bacteria can form in there as well.

Then I will cover my black light blocker part with Mylar for my babies, or would that reflection raise the air temperature around the plant too high? Maybe I’ll leave it alone…

I need some indica, tired of thinking, slept poorly

A lot of people do just as you are thinking. My DWC buckets are wrapped in a reflective material for the same reason, to keep the temps down in them :slightly_smiling:

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Yes, as I fix one thing, tho, worried I’ll break something else…especially if I don’t have to fix it to start

That’s what thermometers are for…gonna try Mylar and watch air temp, probably every 10 minutes in the beginning :blush:

White spray paint if you don’t have your plants in them yet just paint lids white mask off basket

but honestly I just put my buckets on my concrete floor they never get above 70f