White leaves need help

Leaves turning white , Will this effect my buds. How to treat.

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Good Evening it would be a little easier to tell with pictures.


Like :point_up_2: said pic’s will help.


This has helped me tremendously.


Hey there pics would help with us helping you to find out whats goin on

White leaves bring to mind bleaching which is caused by light intensity. If so, adjust your light by raising and/or dimming.

If you can’t move the light further away, bend your plants over so the tops are further away or if your plant is still in the vegetative stage you might even consider cutting off the top of the plant to remove some of that height.

I wipe the leaves with damp paper towels, didn’t want them to effect the buds. Can I remove the larger leaves at this point ?

After plant bud,is it to late to remove a few large leaves?

Looks like it’s fixing to be hungry , while in veg you are good with almost no issues in flower the plant will ask for specific nutrients like phosphorus and potassium that looks like that , look up phosphorus deficiency

Does it look like it’s ready to harvest? I’m new at this.

No, the pistils have not turned and receded in .

Not even close I’d give them 2.5-3 weeks

Also having this problem but my leaves are really white and curling! Im new to the forum and haven’t figured out how to create a new post. I hope you dont mind me piggybacking off your post! Some pictures of the problem.

Another picture of other 2 plants.