Which would you choose and why

Jack skellington
Brian berry cough


I don’t think they are going to like that link @Fever

This is a strain topic in the strain section with a link to strains not a seed store.

My bad then. Just don’t want to see anyone get in trouble here for it. Some really awesome bud porn on that site though!

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Happy birthday btw
We’ll see if I broke rules…

Thank you sir!

The correct answer is “BUY ILGM SEEDS” they are the best seeds around.

Who said I am buying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Girl scout cookies
So many reasons why
And sour diesel just cause

Whichever has the highest yield, bud grown indoors is uber expensive so I want to max out on my supply rather than run out and be paying extortionate prices.


@Wishingilivedina420state I don’t think those were on his list of choices. :seedling:

Yeah I went back and re-read sorry I just got some new smoke and it’s petty good gotta be some sour lemon something both are there and wow just wow…
Yeah it’s good weed got me hiiiiii

@Wishingilivedina420state No need to tell me sorry. Was just messing with you. Enjoy the killer bud! Wish I had some really good stuff right now! Enjoy!

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Just took 2 hits on my most recent white widow. That’s some potent weed!

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Dude I’ve been smoking Reggie for the last 3 week’s , good Reggie I grew but still not an indica. I’m so happy to have some good k.b. And my gscx goes into flower tonight i can’t wait till that light comes on.

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@Wishingilivedina420state That deserves a like but I’m fresh out at the moment! So this will have to do. :heart:

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