Which one looks abnormal?

Two White Widow Auto side by side. Which one looks abnormal to you? What do you think is happening?
*outdoor (approx 6hrs sun)
*Flower Power fert.
*Vancouver BC
*half grown corn grows beside first one

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I would guess - all things being equal between the two - one has a more ruderalis phenotype - genetic variation the reason…

The first plant looks like it could be foxtailing?
@Hogmaster @latewood @garrigan62?


I agree with @Jmesser80 looks like Fox tail.
Never seen one that bad, but a year ago I didn’t know what fox tailing was so .

I think the top one has bugs on it. Not sure if that would make it Grow that differently tho. There is a gnat in the upper right and leavings under the leaves above it.

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Good eye @Stomper. Thanks! Must have just shown up. Soaked em with Bug Blaster! Wouldn’t be the cause of foxtail tho.
Here’s what’s weird: They are next to each other. Same soil, food, treatments, watering routine. Plus it is beside corn so it gets LESS light and heat. Weird huh?

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I agree with @ Jmesser80,

            This fox-tailing may have been caused by heat stress. Lights being to close.


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