Whether to cover nutrients or not

Hi, kinda new under a 1000w light which quickly started growing algea. (I grow above nutrients in tubs with 1" braided nylon wicks) I want to cover with foil or something to reduce light and evaporation. Will that cause any other issues? I do t want to breed poison fungus or something

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Avoid overwatering and you should be fine. I feed a plant that size about a cup of water every few days. It is important to let the soil dry out between waterings. Covering your pot is not a good thing and is likely to create more problems than it could ever solve. Your roots need to be able to breathe.

I have no idea what you mean when you say you grow nutrients with braided wicks. A plant that size (if in a proper cannabis soil) doesn’t need nutrients yet.

She looks otherwise healthy.

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Thanks Fixer, yes, they’re in real good soil in porous bags… they provide oxygen to the roots nice. If you look close at a the pic, that’s an old school feeding system. The bag is sitting on a container above water, the wicks are coiled at the bottom of the pot. This works great with good drainage and soil. The porous bags are perfect. I wasn’t referring to covering the top of the soil, I was referring to covering the water. The water is oxygenated also to help provide nutrients absorption down the road when I add nutrients.

I’ve found this allows the plant to use water and nutrients at really the perfect amount no more no less. Of course you still have to be careful not to burn. I’ve saw really nice plants weave the wick with it’s roots right into the nutrients.

This is my first time with auto flower so I will be learning and adding nutrients sparingly

This group is going well so far, had a bump, but I did struggle germinating a few of the seeds. A little disappointed there

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