Where to store seeds short term

Where is the best place to store seeds for 10 weeks…. refrigerator. Is what I keep reading, is that right?


I keep them in original bags, in bubble wrap envelopes, in a small box, in a cabinet. Dark, dry and cool. Fridge should be ok, I’d put the bags in small jars.


I store in the fridge in a Tupperware

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me too, after DRY-Curing like weed bud @ 60%.
Or in a bag, ready for a road trip.


I put mine in the fridge. I get 100% germ rate sticking them straight into moist soil.


Ideally a cool, dry and dark place, fridges are convenient as it’s cool and the light is only one when you open the door so it’s dark 99% of the time…

If you want to go the extra mile, you can wrap them in aluminum foil, then tuck them in a jar in the fridge so they get zero light, are cool and the sealed jar will protect them from excess moisture… Although a fridge shouldn’t have excess moisture anyway the jar is just a layer of protection…

That said 10 weeks is nothing, they will be fine in an envelope or whatever they came in on the shelf out of direct light… If they are your own, you could simply put them in an envelope, baggie or small container or jar on the shelf out of direct light…