Where to remove the hours for flower cycle

Is there any study on the effects of where the hours of daylight are removed when going to flower? Never thought about it before but there are three ways it could be done. I’ve always left the lights-on time the same and changed the off time. But you could leave the light off time the same and change the on time or change both on and off time.


It truly doesn’t matter :slight_smile: What ever is convenient for you and the plant.


Makes no difference, like @HippieRunner1 said. The key is the number of dark hours.


Mine is never the same really, my timers dont even match the time of day most often :sweat_smile:
I try to think about lights off when I’m not around. So that may mean sometimes I make adjustments on both side or one direction.
There’s been times I make adjustments in middle of flower if I see the dark period ends up overlapping with the time I’m home to tend to them.
I’ve never given it much thought but I don’t think it’s ever effected them that I could tell :man_shrugging:

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This timer works great for everything

. Battery backed up and it’s under 20 bucks. And it keeps the right time.


I talked to the manufacturer of this timer about the AA battery that goes in the back and they told me that it doesn’t actually even need that, it has an internal battery too so it actually has a battery backup for the battery. You can program a bunch of intervals for any or all particular days down to one minute intervals. I’m using one for my pumps and another one for my lights. I needed to turn my pumps on twice a day and regular timers are limited.