Where to read up on Veg & Transition?

1st time grower taking on a fairly ambitious (15 plant) window grow. (I have really big windows). Growing all feminized photoperiods (several strains). I’m in Southern hemisphere so it’s summer here.

I feel like I need to read up on/learn about the veg stage and “transition” to flower, but I don’t know where to look or what to read.

Specifically, the grow/feed tables I’ve seen are all designed for tent grows under artificial lights. So Veg only takes 3 weeks then it’s straight into flower. My plants are already 3 weeks old and barely past the seedling stage. Obviously nowhere close to flower - not even transplanted yet.

So I feel like I need to learn more about what the plants need to grow in veg, and particularly, how to tell when they start to transition toward flower on their own and what I need to start doing differently when they do.

Specifically, the TOP CROP feed table I’m working from shows what to feed the plants in terms of which nutes to use in veg, then in transition, then in early flower, then in late flower. But since I can’t go by the Week number on their chart (intended for artificial light tent grows), I don’t know what stage my plants are in so I don’t know what to feed them!

Also not clear to me: When the seed bank’s info page for a given strain says their flowering period is XX days, is that also a figure that’s for artificial lighting and I should expect it to take much longer under natural light from my windows?

I feel like I need to read a book or something. Are there any particularly good (detailed) growing guides online? I don’t mind reading something book-length to really learn about this. I’m just guessing as I go now and making lots of dumb mistakes.


I’m such a retard sometimes… (and not even stoned!)

Just noticed the “GUIDES” tab on the menu bar of this site after posing this question! Duh!!!


First place to start is here with the Grow Bible. Lots of good information although some is dated.

Sunlight is fine, but you will be struggling to grow plants well behind window glass: it is designed to attenuate out 80% or more of the light. Your eye can not discern the difference but the plants sure can! I’m afraid that you will be very disappointed.

Keep in mind that plants require about half the light they need to flower. Photoperiod plants will continue to grow in veg until length of day is short enough to trigger flowering.

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Does “Grow Bible” refer to the “Guides” section of this website, or are you referring to something else I should search for on the net?


It’s a PDF download.

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Awesome. Thanks!

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You are more than welcome. Tag me with the @ sign any time you want to get my (or anyone else’s) attention.