Where to hang the thermometer in tent

Hi al just need to know where to hang the thermometer for the temp controled fan thanks

It is best to keep it away from the light, as lamp radiates a lot of heat. I like to place mine at the height under the canopy, because that is where you want the temperature to be proper. When I used bubblers exclusively; I sometimes placed the thermometer right on the top of the Reservoirs.

Thanks latewood I’m new to this and don’t want to get it wrong … some tips are going yellow on both plants so a little worried it may be to hot I’ve got a 400w hps in a 600x600x1800 tent .

You can buy 2-3 digital rh/temp meters online…approx. 3$ each u.s.

Will try to get you a link to what I use.

Place them in 2-3 places. I do :slight_smile:

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