Where to get a jewlers loop

I hear you, I do run into the problem of billing address having to be the same as mailing address but Im cool with it because I really dont want TN address asdociated with my CO address or bank. Someone earlier mentioned buying an amazon card. Ill do that.

You know what? People with the knowlege on a given discipline at advanced kevels like this usually charge others for it.
I imagine you have invested time, money and other things learning what you have. To freely give that to others like myself is pretty doggone awesome.
I think you are pretty cool to do that.

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I appreciate you saying that but it is unnecessary. We were all at the beginning sometime. That is is why this forum is unlike others. Civil, helpful and stay on point except where fun is to be had.
Tag me or others and glad to help if I can.

Go to Amazon and check out the microscope called “MaxSee”. $30 and you can download the free app that connects to your phone for viewing. You can take pictures with it too!

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I suggest one of these if no one hasn’t yet . They are super cheap and work surprisingly well. Amazon or ebay


Ive ordered a wifi scope and a 100g scale that should arrive soon. Thanks for everything. Im learning alot here.