Where are the trichromes?

Week 5 no trichromes odor just started going to hell quick, my other plants look fine just her.

I did recently get a ph/ppm meter found out my ph was 5.6, ppm run off with distilled water 1700.
My water is spring with a ppm of 172 and ph 7.2, i think part due to my screw up but the funny thing its the only one that did this all 6 others are good with same everything.

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Well your plant looks like its dieing.

Soil is 6.5 ph
Coco/hydro is 5.8 ph
Flush them all a bunch and do a soil slurry test to test your PH. Once your PH is good make sure she has enough ppm to build flowers. You can save her.
Do her first then get on the others, your plants will thank you.

This is the others they are all on the same schedule, i just got a meter and did run off ph as well as ppm, ph is low at 5.6 to 5.8, so how do i raise ph to try and save her because my others are good had a nute issue but they are all getting fat.

Just realized the title doesn’t match very well,
It should say oh #$%& she is dying help.

I’d be checking that plant very throughly for a pest problem. I’d guess mites, maybe Russett mites. Be very sure to keep a close eye on your other plants.

Flush with the right PH water.
And check your run off oh and tds (although run off PH is not ideal it’s still worth checking, do a soil slurry PH sample)
Ensure you feeding enough to they are going light green so starting to show signs of being hungry


Yes, take @Nicky advice, You should be using a good bloom note that is low in N BUT no matter what you are feeding her if the ROOT pH is off she won’t be taking in anything. How often are you watering? Do you let the soil dry out at least to your second knuckle before watering again? Do they have proper drainage? The first two pics could be either over-watering or N toxicity…


I do let them dry out, pretty careful there but my ph run off is 5 to 5.6, so my big screw up is i ph’d my water then added nutes so then i check with a meter finding readings below 5, does this sound like its a cause? Thank you all

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Yes PH after you are done mixing.


Yes, add nutes then pH but do a soil slurry test (you can google how to do it it’s super easy) that is more important than pH of runoff IMHO.

Fact👌 @Caligurl

Just saw how easy it is, thank you for your help