Whens a good time

Here’s with another GSC photoperiod update l. I know I gotta get some bug resistant spray. I’m just wondering if y’all can judge how much more time the plant has until its about ready ! THX GIYS :v:


Difficult to tell from pictures. Can you get a couple that show clear detail of the bud sites please?

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Hard to tell from the picture keep taking care of it. I would try to keep it going for another 2-3 weeks still a lot of white hairs. Good luck


The white hairs will turn amber. By using a jewelers loupe you can see trichs & decide when girls are ready according to your tastes.

I cut off a small piece of bud to test it, would you like to see it ?

And I’m already taking care of the pest problem going to mix up some jalopenos spray in the kitchen

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There’s a lot of different opinions on harvest time. But the general consensus is pretty much all red hairs and seeing some Amber. How much Amber is personal preference I think. Lots of reliable info coming from the other users. I harvested my first at full cloudy with some white pistols left bc I wanted to see it at that stage. Was suggested I waited at least another week. I guess I got that chop out of my system, it’s gonna be good I can tell but after pulling it out of the dark i immediately knew another week would have been better. So listen to the others they know there stuff. I can already see what the difference is going to make in waiting bit longer with my other 3 plants.


There’s white hairs up top I definitely should harvest this weekend due to Dorian but the timing might be just right