When watering with nuts a couple times ppm's are being weird

A couple times when I watered with nuts going in my pH was 5.8 coming out six six my ppm’s 380 going in and coming out was only to 200 my soil pH is at 6.8 I am not sure what that issue means maybe pH meter clogged I’m not sure plants vs. Driving though no problems with sleeves pistols buds anything just worried put someone out please

Do a slurry test on your soil. It’s more accurate.
1 tbsp soil from the root area, 2-4oz distilled water. Mix them up really well, let sit for 15-20 min, then pH test the liquid.


Here’s a copy from another post giving reason for the changes;

That’s normal, soil works as a filter trapping atoms with ionic cation/anion bonds, some bonds are strong while others are weak, P tends to “cling” while N and K are relatively loose and mobile. The same with pH, the soil tends to interact with acid, breaking some of these same “bonds” and neutralizing the acid in the process giving you a more alkali runoff. For this reason, one can mix H3P04 (phosphoric acid) with KOH (potassium hydroxide) (strong alkali) in the proper amounts balancing the pH to a range plants can use and feeding it directly to plants as a usable form of P and K that the plant can absorb, each by themselves will kill a plant in minutes, but mixed together will feed a plant. That’s why pH “range” is so important.

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