When to water solution

I am into my 4th week of flowering and throughout my grow, I have gone by the lift and feel method to determine when to water. Next grow I am going to grow one plant and use the SCRoGCo Inc. system. I am going but the soil in two pots, one with a plant and the other I am going to use as a guide to determine when to water. This was my first grow in 20 years and have had my problems but will be ready for my second grow which will not have the same problems. I won’t post pictures due to tracking location but I will tell you bergmans seeds are the best! Big yield. One plant is better than a bunch! I just could not help growing three for my first grow to see which strain was the best. Purple haze seeds…if you buy them you can expect 3 plants out of 5 seeds. OG Kush 100% and gold leaf 100%. I am excited about my second grow with the SCRoGCo Inc. and following the bergmans lab technique for scrog method. Super excited!

How do they track location with photos?

with my I phone every picture has gps stamp encoded so i use a regular digital camera

Just turn your geo tagging of they arent coming for you unless your the head of a cartel


How do I do that?

me too but I can’t find my memory card.

I don’t know but I read about it on another site. I think marijuana 420.

Should be in your camera settings or general settings

this is where its located on my phone

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That’s cool. I have 8 cameras outside.

I simply use my older digital camera and my theory is it isn’t being paranoid it’s preventing a potential problem


I agree stay safe just dont start wearing tin foil hats


I’ll stick with the pasta strainer for now doubles as hard hat in a pinch :wink: lol