When to harvest: trichs vs. stigmas

I’m growing an Afghan Autoflower (12 weeks old, in week 7 of flowering). I just checked my trichs and they’re looking pretty cloudy/milky (like they’re ready to go), but only about 30-35٪ of my stigmas are amber…is it better to go by trichs or stigmas to figure out when to harvest?

I find it is best to evaluate the trichs (only) after the stigmas change color and curl in.


As @Newt says, both conditions need to be met.
Otherwise you are cutting short your harvest amount.


This one is 7 weeks flowering to, and the pistils are almost all red, but I have to look hard to find an amber trich, so I’m letting it go a few more days.


She looks gorgeous! What is she?

Gorilla glue auto. I’ve never been big on autos, but I decided to buy some, and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I was going to do it outside, but it’s been extremely hot this summer, so I wimped out and put it in my new tent with a photo, so it’s spent the last 4 weeks on 12/12, or it might have been even better.