When to harvest male plants for smoke

Planted 6 plants, ended up with 6 males. Dont want to go empty handed . Does anyone know when it is suitable to pick the males in order to snoke them. When is the thc level the highest. It is hard to find any info on this on line since everyone seems to throw them away.

Yeah, sorry males really aren’t worth smoking.

Nope! Not worth the effort. When I find a male; I immediately find a trash bag and smother it. If the flowers open and spray pollen all over your grow area; You will spend the rest of your life trying to clean it off. Making growing Sensi’ almost impossible. KIll Kill !!! :twisted:

Thanks friends, I understand that you want to save me the hassle but the question remaines unanswered. When is the best time to harvest males for smoking? And form experience i know you can get a decent smoke from males aswell, just not sure when is the better time.

We answered you. Sorry. I do not grow out males. I know no one that does. So; Go for it. Without trichomes to gauge readiness. I have no other answer for you.

Yeah, maybe the only way would be the same as with females, but you’ll have to watch the leaves and stems. If you at all can see the resin glands and they look milky white, but otherwise without female flower’s “hairs” to turn orange/reddish/brown or the mushroom stalked trichome resin glands to see turn from crystal clear to milky white, we don’t have anything to really help you with. I know of no one who harvests males for smoke either. BTW, that is the main way you tell with a female plant, when all of the trichomes on the “flower” or “bud” or “nugget” are milky white and maybe with some turning amber or a little reddish, then they are “ripe” and ready for the picking, but as males don’t develop any “nuggets”, the only way you may be able to tell is the leaves and stems. You are going to need a 40-60 times magnification jeweler’s loupe.

I’m curious on how they turned out for you. I had males and just grew them out a few buds were kinda buddy but most were just pods… I would think from 6 you may have gotten some good smoke??