When to harvest? Help please need opinions


Have pics of the whole plant?

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From what I can see your tricomes are looking all milky, depending on the high you’re looking for you may want to think about harvesting soon.
If you’re running a soil-less grow it would be a good time to start flushing.
I personally prefer 50/50 milky / amber.

Happy growing. :grin:

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I’m growing in coco with perlite mixed

Give them a flush with just ph’d water (to 5.8) for one week & I reckon they’ll be ready, check your tricomes daily, & post a picture back in this thread when you think they’re done.

(Looking nice by the way!) :grin:

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Thank u guys so much definitely keep u updated I have 1 plant that’s just not as big as the rest not doing quite as well should I harvest all at one time or let it keep going

As long as they’ve all ripened at the same time, yes.
If you were to pull one before it was ripened you’d sacrifice yield & quality.
Keep checking your tricomes on each plant. :grin: