When to flush ww autos

My ww autos have mushroom headed clear trich’s on both bottom and top of leaves.
If anything like sativa they still need to swell and then head of buds needs to crown.If that makes any sense.My 1st buds swelled then crowned then swelled again before fully mature.
After every flush or between feedings I feed with water and unsulfered molasses.
When should I flush.I like to flush at least two weeks before harvest.If I see one amber trich that bud comes off.

I can’t take picture of trich,but here is a picture of the main cola.It took 3 pictures to get the whole cola close enough for a good look.
I’m not sure if it might need more feeding but if it still has a month of flowering time it’ll get two more full feedings.
From seed it’s only 67 days old and it went to soil fully germed on 08/10,sprouted 10/17 outdoors.So it’s only 60 days old.Description says 57 days flowering time.

crown of main
mid section