When to add molasses to autos/outdoor

Hello! Last grow I was perplexed as to when I am supposed to add molasses? I read a lot of things here on ILGM and on other forums but most apply to indoor/photos…If you try and go by those recommendations you’ll run out of time any suggestions?

You can mix molasses in anytime you want to feed the microbes. You can’t really overdo it.

I give them molasses once a week starting week 2 (with Epsom salt to balance it)

At what ratio would you suggest?

Veg 1/2 tablespoons molasses and 1/2 teaspoon epsom per gallon of water double that for flower

@GreenSnek Is that week two after planting? or week two since “germ”

From sprouting from the ground

Lol! Outdoors in a fenced off area? Or outdoor gurilla grow? That’s important as if animals have any path to your plant then don’t ever put molasass any where near it as it will get dug up by every deer racoon etc in the woods!

Molasass is a common additive in deer feeds and blocks and the smell brings em hunting it. Once a deer gets a taste for weed it’s over. They be coming to get high every day.

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:grin: No outdoors woodsie here ( P.S. I would love that) In the “Burbs” On occasions we have Opossum,Racoon,Squirrels cats birds etc… So far no real "animal activity( so far). The worst we have are these white Cabbage Moths…They are MF`ers.They look like pretty white butterflies but they are evil :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They lay eggs @ bud time and suck on the stems of your buds killing the bud!! I hate them!!! And yes Its a high fenced area ,no deer closest deer probably 6 to 10 miles away in the foothills,but they don’t come here…Thanks GCG…!

Oh if you have bug problems loco and a few others use diatomaceous Earth in a ring around the stem to any crawlies it’s like broken glass. Captain Jack’s is also an organic friendly bug killer

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Yeah I use D.E. In my soil/coco mix too! Keeps the little critters away…
I also use natural plant repellents like Garlic,Mint,Basil& Marigolds to ward off most pests…!