When should you increase the watering schedule?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

When should you increase the watering schedule?
Do you need synthetic light when growing indoors?
How long is each stage?

OK so 1st off yes indoors will require a grow light of some sort to replicate the sun.
2nd each stage will vary, you can keep a plant begging for as long as you want, people keep a ‘mother’ plant in veg to take clones. The longer in veg the bigger the plant will be if it’s not trained/topped/scrogged etc. If you have a photo she will need to be switched to flower, if an auto then she will do her thing if/when.
3rd the plant will tell you how much she needs, seedling stage not a lot but as she grows she will consume more and more!

Join the forum and have a gander at some journals to get an idea of it all :slight_smile: many happy people to help.

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Wanna grow indoors? Plant has to have sun, water and food. It’s up to you to supply those.

Download and read the Free Grow Book on this site. It will help answer many newbie questions.