When should I use my trellis netting?

Im in the vegetative state right now, and can flip into flowering if I wanted to. I’m training my plants using LST, Topping, and sog. My sog is setup. Should I lower it to use it on my plants now, during the transition, or during the flowering stage?

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I’m a noob, but i just threw the net up and started tucking that plant under it. I did top and do lst prior to using the trellis.

This is what I have setup now. I dont know whether to lower the netting now or wait til transition.

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If you have the space let them grow into them. If your tight on space you could lower the net and spread her out. Also keep in mind i’m a new grower. So take this info with a grain of salt. There are scrog guides on this site just search “scrog”