When should I start fertilizer

With the COVID-19 virus ramping up I dont want to go to the stores just yet. So I used some soil that was left over from last year that was in a bag but stored outside. I ordered some bags of black magic 5-5-5 on line. My girls are just starting to pop up and was wondering when I should put some fertilizer on top of each container. I left about 2 inches to the top of each container so I have some room to add fertilizer to the top
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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That’s good fertilizer. You want to get it into your grow medium sooner rather than later, but I would still wait until plants are 8" high or so to avoid burning or shocking them. Be sparing and follow the amount suggested on the packaging.

I would also suggest if using same soil at transplant; mix a light amount in with the new soil.

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Thank you myfriend, the way I have always done it is to dig a hole about 16x16 or so and fill it with miracle grow dirt then water then put my plant in and water a last time. Of course this is an outside grow and I still have 5/6 weeks before no frost. Should I mix the black magic in with my dirt or put it on top after everything is established?
A few years back a buddy of mine sprinkled some nitrogen pellets on the ground around my plants, and that was the best grow I ever had. So when would be the best time to introduce nitrogen for vegetation phase?
Thank you so much for your help😁

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I’m not an outdoor grower. @big123 is but in containers.

I’m leery of Miracle Gro products due to their penchant for dropping the PH in the medium down WAY low. Personally if I were growing outside I would be using something designed for either cannabis or tomatoes with as many natural ingredients in it as possible.

Some nitrogen can be broadcast on the soil surface after you transplant into their final home.


I don’t like to add any additional nutrients beyond what’s available in the soil until they’re 8-10 weeks old outdoor. I would top off with worm castings, and water them into soil.

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My friend thank you I will choose a different potting mix this year, I will look into what stores are open for business for a cannabis type of soil or last resort something for tomatoes and mix in some black magic before transplanting
Do you have a suggestion for the type/name of a good soil that I could buy online?
Big123 I looked at the link you posted and ordered 20# of black gold and will mix this in also
I will read instructions for how much of all these to mix together
Thanks for your help

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@Myfriendis410 i have a question, my seeds popped up 3days ago and i just received my uncle Jim’s worm farm bag of gold worm casings. Can i add some of these to the top of my containers or would that kill them since their to young?

I have them in the window and think they are beginning to stretch. I don’t have lights and these are for an outside grow.

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You are going to be very disappointed in your results under a window FYI. My advice is to purchase a blurple light fixture of about 150 watts from the wall and keep them under that until you can put them out.

Im afraid to spend any money till the world turns better. I haven’t been working and no money coming in. Ill try to get them in more sunlight. Its been a bit chilly here in the northeast and didn’t want to put them in colder conditions. I will put them on a heating mat outside in sunlight
I would like the clear top removed so wind will strengthen them up?