When should I go to a day/night cycle?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Germination went well. All five seeds rooted. Planted all seeds in the dirt on 3/10/2018. Are now about 2 inches in growth. I have had it under 24 hour light. When should I go to a day/night cycle? Cannot put outside permanently yet, still too cold. Thanks! Randy Bumpus

Looks like your outdoors so youll be going into flower in the fall when the days start to get shorter
In doors most veg for 4 weeks then switch to 12-12

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If I understand your question…

Plants benefit from a period of darkness each day. I start my plants at 18/6.


They look like they’re off to a good start, so yes, you can start them on they’re day/night schedule. 18/6 is probably best.


I’d put them to 18/6 now. Veg for two months inside, until it’s warm outside. Two more months veg outside, then two months for flower. That’s the schedule I’m following.