When is the best time to plant for in home growing?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I was wanting to know when is the best time to plant for in home growing or does it matter when I plant indoors?”

You can plant at any point in time indoors as long as you are the one that’s controlling the light you can have fun all year


Hello ILGM Sales Support,

Basically, all the indoor has been thought so everyone can grow anytime of the year, far from the undesired looks of others, so no, there is no right time to begin an indoor.
On the other side, being able to begin anytime doesn’t mean without precautions or setup!

Your customer need to be at ease with the system he will use, the light, ventilation, substrate, humidity, fertilizer use, and caracteristics of the variety; which is still a lot!

I found out any time will work. Just remember, in the summer you’re trying to keep the heat down.
In winter you’re trying to keep the heat up most of the time. You need to follow the ILGM guidelines as far as what temps each different strain likes. I’ve found that 74F to 80F worked well for my strains. In winter you’re probably going to have to humidify in vegetation mode to keep the plants at 60 to 65% humidity. In summer in flower mode you will probably have to dehumidify to keep the plants at 50% and below. I personally think winter would be easier, and I’m about to find out. Great question.

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