When is a hermie ...not?

It’sgreat to be back. have not been here since my first grow. that was indoor. My summer grow did not go nearly as well. Nothing beats tons of artificial light. The weather in Northeast USA was not that sunny this summer. Hence the question.
My outdoor grow consisted of my Blue dream mother plant going outside, planting 2 Gold Leaf and 2 White Widow. After decent but disappointing yields, I’ve finally got to the end of the pop corn bud and trim my wife uses for keif. Lo and behold there it was (1) seed. Literally just one. out of nearly a pound. Can anyone shed some light here?

Welcome back. It is an interesting question and I do not know the answer to it. But, similarly, my first two grows, which were autoflowers, produced a couple of random seeds here and there. I am currently working my way through my third grows harvest of LA Confidential, no seeds yet, but wouldn’t be surprised to find a few along the way.


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I get the occasional seed. No worries.

thanks for the feedback. Grow on…