Whatta ya get if a Photo pollinates an Auto?

Although it didn’t happen… It could have when I discovered a MALE White Russian (Photo) in the same tent as my Bruce Banner and my Blue Dream (both autos)

Got me to thinking what the offspring would be? Would the be autos? Or Photos? or Confused?

In all the reading I have done over the past few years I do not think I even read about that scenario…

anyone?..anyone? … Beuller?.. Beuller?

Most likely a random mix of genetic properties from the two plants.
Each seed would present those properties in its own way.


I’m pretty sure photo is dominate so they would be photos but the generation after could be bred to be either

Lots and lots of seeds. Been there, done that. Not fun.


“Whatta ya get if a Photo pollinates an Auto”
I’ve heard this joke before.
You get a plant that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going?
If you smoke it you might not be able to tell if it’s still daylight?
If you make an edible with it you won’t know if you’re hungry or tired, or both!
I don’t know exactly but she sure as hell won’t let you clone her.
If the Auto say’s it’s OK, then go for it! If she says NO! STOP! NO IS NO!
I’m not sure, I just picture little seedlings not knowing when to bloom.
Photo could maybe be arrested?
Is the Auto married? This could cause a problem if she is!
You could get a bunch of little bastards!
I wouldn’t want to be there when the mother plant finds out her daughter’s been with somebody from that group! Could you imagine the holiday get togethers, awkward!
I have no idea what you’d get but who’s gonna tell grama?
I think I’ve seen something like this before in my neighbors garden. There was a zucchini trying to pollinate a pumpkin, It wasn’t pretty!

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well thank you for making me laugh alittle…

and now The prize for the MOST answers and still not getting anywhere…RetirementJob…give him a hand…he’s gonna be here all week…Try the veal

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a Faux-to

hmmm …a White Russian and a Bruce Banner…What would we call it?. Comrade Bruceski?
or a Blue Dream and a White Russian…Blue Matryoshka (nesting doll)?

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@MrRay Well you could called it товарищ Баннер. Привет…Как дела? Yes I studied the Russian Language at the Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia. The University is also references as МГУ for short.

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