What's up with this seeding

What’s up with this seeding? Skittles auto. my other three seedlings look great this one is doing something funky :crazy_face:

She is in fox farm happy frog soil. im confused because the Cotyledon leaves don’t show any deficiency or toxicity its the only part of the plant that looks good.

I think i might chuck her out :joy:

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Maybe a mutation?

Don’t throw her out. Let her go. She might surprise you. Mine did! I was gonna throw this one out I have now and oh man am I glad I listened to growmies here and didn’t. She’s turned from a short bus rider to a banger!!


The first picture, she was like that for over a month and then wham!!! Caught explosive growth and wow! Maybe Let her go and see what she does.


I always let them go, never know the next best smoke of the year might be hiding in there


My 10ft garden girl was a 5/15 mutant. 2.5lb dry


Keep it around for a while is my opinion, there’s a ton of growth going on under the dirt we can’t see, she’s probably working harder on her foundation than the other gals are.