What's up with this plant?

Hi there. I’ve been following this forum for a few months and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without all of you! I’ve got my first indoor grow going (my only other was an outdoor that got far enough to see it was a male). The plant in question is a 6 week old Grape Lime Rickey (bag seed), I have in FFOF in a 3 gallon fabric pot 20 inches under a 300w LED (also 2 ILGM NL Autos, 3 week babes under another LED), her last Ph runoff was 6.7.
Question 1: I had her in my sunroom until our New England days got to be 12:26 long, before I got the LED. Did did this make her go into flower? Or, are these just preflowers? Since I got the LED 9 days ago, I’ve had her under for 18 hours. Advice?
Question 2: These bottom leaves…is this N deficiency? Her first set of leaves got yellow and crinkley last week so I snipped them eventually. Now the 3 blade leaves are funky. I’ve only been giving Espoma Grow 2-2-2 and Alaska Fish. Am I not giving enough or should she be on Flower nutes?

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I would think you would be ok my only concern would be having them hermie from stress someone more experienced can weight in @bob31 @latewood.

Thanks! I was wondering that too but didn’t know how long that would take to exhibit? Any thoughts on the leaves?

She is in pre-flower. She should revert back to vegis she is under the LEDs for 18 hours a day… unless she is an autoflower. Not real likely if it is bag seed, but possible. I would keep her under 18/6 and see what happens

The yellowing leaves are deficiency due to not enough nutrients. The FFOF at 6 weeks is getting low on nutrients.

Espoma has a whole line of nutrients and you didn’t say if you are following their recommended feeding chart? I don’t know much about their line though I remember seeing them at one of the box stores. If you google Espoma and marijuana there are a couple of articles there worth looking at.

Glad to see you are checking your pH. Check the pH of water after adding the nutrients to 6.5

Thanks @bob31 . She was outdoor (in my sunroom with no bugs) until 9/18. I brought her in and had her under LEDs for about 14 hours the first two days. Now she’s been on 18/6. Temp Day 77-78 Night 72 Humidity 51-57. I’m wondering if the leaves are Phosphorus deficiency? I’ve only given nutes 1/3 strength.

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I edited my response @RN41420 after I re-read your post.

How long has she been in that FFOF? And do you plan to transplant again? @RN41420

@bob31 She’s been in the OF since 9/17. Think I stressed her out with all the changes?

@bob31. I’m not opposed to putting her in a 5 gal but my grow closet is only about 3x3x6. I could make it bigger by making the Mylar “wall” deeper but I can’t afford more lights right now.

Just saw this post @bob31. She’s def not an AF, it’s bag seed from a TGA Grape Lime Ricky seed that a friend grew. I haven’t used or seen an Espoma schedule, but I have been giving a 1/3 strength with Alaska Fish 1/2 strength. I guess I was afraid of burning her! Tomorrow, I have a bottle of FF Tiger Bloom coming in, when should I start turning her onto that?

New at this, but what I have seen son far on my grow is that the bottom leaves got stressed a little during transplant, and they have stayed a little yellow, but the new growth looks fine, so I would just keep an eye on the next couple of nodes (like you aren’t already…) Also, once she bushes out a little, the “lower canopy” won’t get as much light.

I think they look AWESOME!

Looks like pre flower too me.
You should consider removing those lower leaves that are beat up, brown/yellow. Puts more energy into useful growth instead of fixing hurt leaves.


Tomorrow will be week 8 for my Grape Lime Rickey. I’d like to get her on 12/12 soon but haven’t figured out what what to do with my autos. Anyways, I upped her nutes and removed the damaged leaves from the bottom, and she took off!
@bob31 I forgot that I added dolomite to my soil when I put her in the 3 gallon. Should I still ph the nutes to 6.5?
Do you think I should put her in a 5gal before flipping to 12/12? I’d like to do it soon.

That plant isn’t very big so a 3 gallon pot should be sufficient but a larger pot never hurts.

About the whole phed water thing you should NOT ph your water when growing in soil. I believe the soil adjusts the water while it goes through the soil. I would check the run off when you water to see what the ph is.

@Snowman thanks! Today my nuted water was 5.67 and my runoff 6.23. She’s been at 10 inches for a while now so I figured she could use a bigger pot. I was bored and motivated (read: stoned) and she was due for a feed so I made the move today. I’m gonna let her and my NL auto chill at 20/4 for a few days :sunglasses:

Wow sounds like you have the soil watering down! If it’s been at 10 inches for a while maybe it is time for a new pot. I do hydro so soil is out in space for me. Except gardening outside lol. I tried a soil grow when I first started indoors and boy did I have one hell of a time. Never harvested a thing, they all just died.

If you are worried about height on you photos super crop them and it will just become bushy not tall. Then your autos could still flower where they are now.