Whats this bizarre reaction?

I’m not sure how that works bein from europe, I’m from the states

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Figured so…from the flag😉 , but I can usually get anything from Amazon…maybe even a big garden store near where I live.

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Oh ok, cool. That place will probably have one as well

I won’t suggest adding moisture without knowing humidity level if you have pet store they sell humidity gauges in reptile section too 90% of good growing is environmental lights air temps humidity you have to know the conditions to adjust them


For now I put a dish of water in the box. From @Donaldj 's description, it seems like the humidity is too low.

Spoke too soon…

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Would you suggest watering/feeding every other day? Like water-nothing-nutes-nothing, etc.?

Not saying isn’t the cause just think it’s in your best interest to know details :wink:

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Ok, I’ll give wifey a glass of wine and tell her I need a humidity meter…than I’ll duck the frying pan aimed at my head. Nah, not really.

they aren’t expensive the digital ones can be but it doesn’t need to be fancy to do the trick

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Great, thanks all of you for your help.

Yeah the one I posted was just the one I has on hand. There are a bunch out there for probably cheaper. I like to go by the reviews. Usually I don’t buy anything unless it’s 4 or higher out of 5.

I don’t tend to skimp on meters I like high/low option but I also buy and source local most of the time prefer not to wait on packages and prices are comparable when I factor shipping taxes and dollar conversion duty fee
The products likely are sourced the same but someone else had all the headaches not me :slight_smile:


Problem is, if I order something outside of Belgium I usually have to pay customs, which can sometimes be more than the item itself. Definitely sux! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at the local garden store.

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I’m sure you can find them at a garden store

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My 5 pack of smartpots just came the other day I used a 7 gallon but I don’t think I really need the extra the way I grow so I got the 5s also . The difference between them and a regular plastic pot surprised me

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That is exactly why i buy local [quote=“DieHigh55, post:54, topic:9753”]
I usually have to pay customs, which can sometimes be more than the item itself.

or at very least order in my country at our dollar being .70 what seems like a deal with free shipping within US is actually 30% more plus shipping and taxes then add duty/customs tax usually works out to double the advertised cost or more. There isn’t much in way of saving

Yikes… they really stick it to you guy’s… :rage: :rage: … not cool… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

Last $45 pump I order cost me about $90 in the end so yes I rarely order online

Not cool at all…bastards!