Whats this bizarre reaction?

Can you reuse them?

No problem. Glad I could help. The guides section at the top of the page has a lot of really good articles on almost anything about growing.

You can re-use the grow pots. You just have to clean them good.

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Yeah 10/4 you need to clean them which can be a challenge but yeah for sure they are reusable
They do what they call air pruning when the roots hit the walls the tips stop and they will grow out from the side of root instead of curling around the edge of pot
I think majiktoker and garrison both use them as well
A lot of us do brother


for the cloth pots…I use a filled 5 gallon bucket and a heavy dose of a detergent cleaner, agitating gently (with hands or a stick) then rinsing a few times. I save it for an outdoor project if possible.

the soap cleans and kills whatever is in or on the fabric…any organic residue dries and gets cleaned/brushed off after…works for me.


Ok, I think I’m convinced. Now to get this latest problem solved…:angry:

Try what MacGyverStoner suggested I’m sure he’ll get you on track cuzzy
Now go take care of my step kids hahahaha

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He can if the mentors aren’t around and the bigger guys are than they’ll definitely get you on track in no time

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Difficult children!


I would love to know the humidity because it does play a very vital role in plants health

Don’t really have anything to measure with, I figured since the cabinets aren’t really big and the plants being watered every day would provide enough humidity.

No to step on toes, but you really need a way to check the temp and humidity, as Donaldj said. It plays a big part in its life. How much are you watering a day, I don’t advise watering everyday. You could mist their leaves a couple times a day, but I would avoid watering them every day, imo I could be wrong though

Hmm…hope my wife comes home in a good mood…“dear, I have to buy something else…”

They aren’t very expensive, Amazon has them for pretry cheap.

Know any prices off hand?

Give me a second I post some

2 seconds…

2 things to keep in mind lights produce heat and dry out air too little humidity your plant can’t protect itself and loses too much moisture this also makes it drink and feed too fast. Too much humidity it could promote mildew mold bud rot.
The big factor is if you have very low humidity they will drink lots taking in nutrients far too fast causing nute burn and drastic ph swings in root zone


Sounds familiar, would putting a dish of water in the cabinet help?

Here is the one I bought, well actually 2 of them. It’s pretty cheap as well

That looks doable. Don’t know about the free shipping, though, I live in Europe.