What's the best time to cut down the buds?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“What’s the best time to cut down the buds? I have heard lots but want max thc?”


It would depend on what your looking for in end result. Cloudy trichs give a head high little body, whereas with Amber trichs you going more into couch lock .

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I’m whit @Laurap on that! You need to cut them before light is on or if you grow outside just before the light is approaching to them.
Also if you want to split the stem you need to do that whit 3-6 days before harvest.


Still have a few weeks i guess still not ready?


She have a lot of white pistils still growing. Tell him to wait until she see 80% brown pistils and use a magnifier (60x) and look at the trichomes.