Whats going on with theses girls?

I had mentioned this before, last year my third set of Otto’s seated I harvest the seeds which I’m using this year couple of the seeds obviously germinated in the ground no, the first one is beautiful she’s great wish you could smell it the second one is older wow what a difference in the plants what am I doing wrong on the second girl?

the first two are girl number line the second two are the girl number to and why isn’t she fighting but then the Third set is my garden well half of it


Good question. There are some signs of minor bug damage, otherwise almost looks as if there is an issue with watering. Based on the way your other plants look I would say you have at least a reasonable handle on proper watering techniques. Which kinda makes me wonder if you may not have some sort of a root issue? Root bound, bugs in growing media, or something like that.


observant…I like it, you’re like the Colombo of weed! Good call, that’s the direction I would go.

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Is that one in the ground?

And, are those T.Brassicae tags?

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Both are in the ground, and obviously the second part of your question is obviously no cuz I don’t even know what it means

The one that is budding is inside my garden area, I always over plant because you never know how many you’re going to lose… this year I lost seven to hermaphrodite morfing… and I lost another nine that turned out to be male, so I had to bring a bunch of them outside of the garden so there’d be room to get through to water and feed, but mostly because they were just choking each other out. The one that is outside by the cement mixer is older than the one in the garden area which is budding. I’m wondering why the one outside the Garden area is not budding I’m looking every day and there’s no signs of budding but it is in the ground and it is massive. I’m not real worried about this one because it was a pop-up didn’t plan it didn’t plant it LOL so it’s just a gift if it doesn’t do anything I won’t be to hurt but if it’s there I would like it to produce LOL

Also I was wondering
as you had mentioned @dbrn32 the bug damage… DAMN WORMS!!! I have neem oil and I did use it prior but it didn’t really seem to work, but I’ve seen so many comments on here about don’t use neem oil so I ordered what everybody else was talking about which was the bug Brew I can’t even remember Captain Jack’s bug Brew I believe it was, that was a disaster not by using it LOL just by getting it I ordered it, and 2 days after it was supposed to be here I get a notice that says so we’re having a little bit of trouble getting your order 6 days later I get the package I pick it up off the porch and it’s a freaking empty bag so I contact Amazon they say oh yeah we’ve been having some problems, LOL so you just give me an empty bag instead of contacting me LOL LOL so now they say will reissues the order and I’ll be here in 2 days well damn I get another email that says we’re running late so they give me a new delivery date that date comes and goes what’s another email getting me a new date so I’ve yet to try the captain Jack’s but I still have the neem oil should I just go ahead and use the neem oil because now I’m fearing that all this time that I’m waiting for this damn Captain Jacks these guys are out there just munching away just destroy Munch Munch destroyed

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I just went out and checked the girl outside in ground plant because I was looking out the window and it looked kind of limp, when I touched it …everything is very firm the soil underneath the plant is nice and moist, looking at it from afar it looks like it needs water, but when i get up close everything is very firm… meaning nothing on there is wilting it’s all standing straight up, it’s just a very weird …very baffling plant LOL could it be that I should just try using this as a mother plant next year? Maybe just have to cut it down? It’s going to take me awhile cuz the stalk on that thing is massive…just let it go and see where it ends up i guess…


Usually best to get look at harvest and see how it smokes before deciding on mother plant.

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Dig down into the root zone and get a read on moisture.

You say worms, but I believe you mean caterpillars. If its caterpillars, spray thuricide BT or Monterey BT

T. Brassicae is a parasitic wasp that lays eggs in young caterpillars and kills them

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So I HATE EM I HATE EM AND WANT THEM TO ALLLL DIE…I call them worms but obviously it’s a caterpillar I just want them gone… I’m still waiting for the captain Jack’s so tomorrow I’m going out with the neem oil I spent the better half of the day with the mouthwash and powdery mold that was fun

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LOL LOL I love going out in the morning and smelling that great big skunky smell …my neighbors may not like it lol but I love it,
this morning when I went out… first thing I smell when I turn the corner nothing but mouthwash LOL
my whole yard smell like mouthwash,
very small price to pay for getting rid of white powdery mildew, but now there all back to smelling like a dead skunk…AND NO POWDERY MILDEW, but will spray again in a week just to be sure…

NOT ENOUGH WATER!!! I went from about 3 gallons of water a day to 5 gallons, then I waited about 4 hours and went out and checked her out…her leaves still l@@ked a bit wilty…so FIVE MORE GALLONS!!! Waited an hour n a half, the leaves were starting to perk up…but still not enough, so SLOWLY, added 5 more gallons!!! WOW, AND I DO MEAN WOW…so now i will water her 2 to 3 times a day, WITH LOTS O WATER… I will take a picture and post it later it’s very overcast and it’s very foggy really wet outside and I’m still laying in my warm bed so later…lol

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Now to find the dang wasp nest…already found 2 hives in the eves of the Neighbors garage 20 feet from my garden, but when I was out in the yard midday yesterday I witnessed something really weird, one of the wasp going around this cluster of leaves and as soon as I saw that cluster I knew exactly what it was oh, damn caterpillar nest, you know how they pull the leaves together and then a baby caterpillar starts in there …wow that wasp was trying to get into that little nest… it got that caterpillar and flew away so now I’m wondering should I just let them hang out on the plants?? Especially if they’re going to eat the little caterpillars
but I did get my Captain Jacks DEAD BUG BREW, so I’ll be spraying tonight
what’s the thoughts on just letting the wasp hang around the “harem garden”

Go easy. I try to stay away from set amounts of water that you give.

Better to judge soil moisture on a case by case.

Did g your finger all the way down and n the soil to judge it.

Good luck with the wasps!

Maybe she just needed that amount of water to get caught up?
Cuz i was in a panic thinking how am I going to satisfy her on feeding day if this girl is taking 15 to 20 gallons a day LOL
I looked under her at the base, there are some exposed roots, so I’m on my way out to add a border around her, then fill it up with some 420 soil inside the Border to cover the exposed roots, and hopefully help hold the moisture in, and On the Border there going to be lined with holes that I could shove dowels in… to support the plants if and when they bud… I was amazed when I looked under there and told my son how big the stock was, he didn’t believe me so I got a tape measure out and it’s over 3 1/2in

My thoughts exactly. Dont forgot a good 3” plus mulch layer. Really helps to keep the soil moist.


I think making sure they get a chance to dry out is important. So give plenty of water, then allow to dry out before watering again.

Well my plan DIDNT work, just broke a branch, so had to fix that, added the soil, and just gonna let her go and SEE HOW SHE WANTS TO LIVE…YOU KNOW WITH THAT PARENTAL GUIDEANCE FROM A FAR… like I said before she’s a pop up, didn’t plan her didn’t plant her so anything she does give is going to be a blessing