What's going on with my seedling?

Same soil? like reusing same old soil from last grow and not new fresh soil? Yea they made their way and their doing great, good job bro what ever your doing its working great!! Keep it up… Hows the buds doing, smelling up your place with that sweet aroma? :smile:

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Oh they did you can believe that. I don’t have a grow going on in the house wright at the moment but do have 3 outside.
Ya I just add a few amenments to my soil every time I reuse it and i’em good to go

Look at her now looking like the devil stretching upwards, prolly because i lifted the lights to 10.5’’ from her!? She reaching for the sky!!

Ohh serious, so your growing nice clean and organic. Thats sickk i like that, your doing good G65 at this game of growing, got a nice operation going on! Do you even build your own grow rooms or what?
Im currently building my own little tents lol… Well just one, gonna expand it too.

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Yes I do. That’s why I’em not growing inside at the moment. I’em in the middle of redoing my grow room. It seems every time I get better at this I have to remodel … lmao


Hahaha yea i totally get that, when the new ideas set in you gotta go for it… lol

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Things change fast when your having fun … lol

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Definitely bro and soon enough in the end…
giphy :ok_hand:


And A Bottle Of Beer lmao


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Yiiaaa, for sure… my usual - Holsten, its german and nice taste for the price too together with a nice ganja spliff!! ohh yeah lol

Nice chatting with you @garrigan62, ill be going to venture downtown to get my soil now… See ya bro

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OK then, B safe till later

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Only until later then ill loosen up a bit… lol

I picked this up at THC store downtown Toronto :point_down: Does anybody use this good looking stuff? I see its got a lot of different ingredients in it, its organic, seems good packed with a lot of nutrients… and i was thinking of mixing in about 30% Perlite!? even tho it has Perlite already in it… Going from Promix HP Mycorrhizae soiless, potting up with new FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil into a 6’’ pot which is about 3/4 gallon… Hopefully this soil is as good as it looks and says on the back, which i think it is especially if its got all that compost in it! Amazing price by the way $19.95 - 1.5 cub ft/ 42.5 L… While on amazon its $99.95 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I hear it’s a little hot for some seedlings but good quality medium.

You think it would be hot for the plant in veg state when i transplant it?

How old? Maybe just put top soil in the hole first so they get some what acclimated. But I’m only going off what I’ve read I do not have experience with the FF.

Its the 2nd week right now for this girl… Do you know anymore about why to put top soil in the hole of the fresh soil?

Putting soil in the hole will allow the plant to start using that and get acclimated to the FF. So it gradually works it’s way to the FF

This started to happen lately just today-- The tips just started to turn yellow or if its brown like from some kinda burn??? I never fed any nutrients just filtered tap water and the last time i used molasses with it, no feeding whatsoever!.. Cant be nutrient burn!?:thinking: Anybody think this is a problem at all?? Plus i noticed the top leaves are getting lighter in colour around the edges, as you can see in the pictures…
I think the overall appearance of it looks off! :smiling_imp: lol