What's goin on? Nearly ready and what's this?

Are these nanners? Whats the little green seedy thing w the few wisps? I flushed once and i was going to harvest the ready plants and this started happening after the first big flush…


Just a female calyx (flower) with pistils.
Nothing to worry about.


So, my trichs look pretty good, are these white hairs meaning they need to brown up or go by my trichs?

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As long as its growing new flowers as evidenced by fresh pistils, I would let it go.
Trichs will cloud up very early on some areas but you want the pistils to be 90+ % brown too.
So wait for both brown pistils and cloudy trichs with a little amber.

The pic below shows a Male flower/hermie.
It looks just like a bunch of bananas

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I started flushing bc my trichs changing cloudy. Then someone with more grows under their belt came over and checked and told me they were not ready. So i fed one more time, lightly. About 2w later and 7 million you tube videos i felt like they were ready. Last night they were looking really ready under my microscope, but not my loupe. So i gave a big flush in case i waited too too long and i have to pull. last night i checked and they are cloudy, beige and some are light light amber but transparent. They all have a few of those hairy open calyxes. Some look minor foxtail, too. Its like the big watering made them do that overnight! So, idk. I did the whole “just when you want to pull…DONT! wait and you’ll be happy you did” 2 weeks ago. Now i really think it’s time, but if they are still growing hairs, is it really?

Do you have a good, solid trich pic that you can show me that was successfully, absolutely ready…please?

You want them to look like the one that says amber. Mostly all cloudy and a few ambers.
On the flower buds and not the little sugar leaves because those go cloudy and amber very early

How long have they been flowering? They look kinda green and wispy still to be ready.

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Here’s a close up of nanners.

All the hairs you see are from calyx’s around it.


Well, they are autos. They are week 13…or 88 days. I have 4 diff strains. I am an avid plant lover and this is my third cannabis grow outside. I’ve taken an extreme liking to prop cannabis and i have had an AMAZING summer of great experience. Lots of experimenting, trying to find my way into the cannabis plant…ive grown carniverous plants, succulents, cacti and SOME orchids, and I’ve never been as fascinated! With that said, although i understand the anatomy and enough of the processes of plant bio to cultivate the plant i love to inhale, there’s still a major learning curve with the stages…day by day. I wish i had a mastergrower to share secrets with me in person. But i don’t. So everything is my dedication to learning. And i think i kicked ass! But heres the end of my fantastic, nurtured grow and i don’t want to lose my confidence with self doubt. All the pics and vids ive watched and ppl ive talk to are nithing compared with soneone sitting down with me and leading me as if it were their own. That’s how i learn.

So im gonna take a few trich pics on a few diff plants and hoping someone can help me. I would like someone who is a little bored and can text with me a bit…im fun! I needs a pot buddy! But i will take a fewpics and post here in a bit!

Oh…nope. that’s not it!

Ok.this is critical purple kush auto day 88. Outdoor, 6/7 direct sun, NY, foxfarm, pHd w no def, no bugs, lst manifoldish, little stunted from an overprune during pre flower, so i know they are behind… here’s a few trichs.


Me too and I am definitely not one. I am just a stoner who likes growing my own. I grow indoors under LEDs, (attempted) staggered harvest with autos in all stages of growth at once sometimes.

Doing great from the healthy looks of your plant.

Congrats! :tada:

Naaah, You got this!
Your trich pics look damn close but maybe just a bit “shiny”, too glass like.
I also like to see a wide shot of the whole plant before I advise to chop or not.


Thank you so much! Ill take a pic when i get home. Im not sure which plant it is in my phone, i didn’t get the tags in the pics, so I’ll take a fresh pic in a little when i get home!

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