Whatever works, right?

Here’s where I ended up routing my indoor tent 4" exhaust fan duct. Ended up being the best options all things considered.

Door opens and closes fine and flexible hose not in any bind. Vent exhaust is small square top left on door.


Nicely done


Thanks. And sort of stealthy… Even though we live in a legal grow state


I don’t live in a legal state. So my exhaust duct runs from the tent to a old sub basement in our house. Our home is a 120 year old updated home with a few deep old crannies here and there

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Cool! Ours is only 96 years old… a mere child compared to yours

It’s good to think thru these issues and not rush into picking just the closest exit or place inside to dump the air

Great going!

Love these old homes. Great character and always offering up a surprise now and then. Usually expensive. lol

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Stealthy always a good idea legal or not.

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