What you guys think

Need a little advice on this. My buddy asked me to see if everything is going good. His papa perp started dropping a bunch of fan leaves. But his super skunk isnt dropping much at all. Does it look normal to you guys? Its the far left one.


Can’t see much from that distance but the plants are looking good from here

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They look real healthy to me. Dropping lower fan leaves is a normal part of it @T-Heels…funny…I would think you’re growing in NC like me.


@T-Heels are the downed leaves green or yellow? It almost looks from this distance like healthy leaves blown off during high winds.

I see a lot of green leaves on the ground too. Did you recently clip some leaves along with the yellow leaves? :blush::v:

:point_up_2: covertly doin that here in NC Brother :love_you_gesture:

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